Trailer Towing Tuition

Any driver who passed their regular driving test after 1st January 1997 maybe required by law to take a further B+E Trailer Towing test in order to tow any trailer over 750 kg. For more information.

The test involves a practical driving element, coupling and uncoupling, on-road testing and  manoeuvring. The test is much like the regular driving test but with the added complexity of trailer towing! there is no theory element although we highly drivers refresh their theory and familiarise themselves with the most up to date version of  The Highway Code.

Approach offers trailer towing tuition in a variety of ways, shared training (2 or more students training together), single drivers in either block bookings (3 or more hours) or the most popular 2 hourly sessions for single drivers. The amount of training required relates totally to the individual driver, to this end we offer an initial assessment lesson after which we advise on a program of lessons going forward... 

Some drivers simply need a few hours of tuition to achieve a pass and some drivers need considerably more.  A full towing unit is included in our prices i.e. trailer and towing vehicle (with reversing camera), sessions are priced competitively at*:
-  £70 = 2 hours
-  £105 = 3 hours
-  £135 = 4 hours (morning or afternoon)

Both private and corporate customers are welcomed and for corporate clients we can invoice in batches for simpler accounting.
Approach can accommodate tests at Taunton Test Centre.

If you are a post 1997 driver and tow without having taken your B+E test you are likely breaking the law - you risk losing your license, nullifying your insurance and being landed with a hefty fine sometimes even a ban...

*T&C Apply: Payment in advance for first session (paypal**, bacs, cheque or cash are accepted), subsequent sessions being paid on the day or in advance is wanted. No credit is given. Individual arrangements will be made for corporate clients. Cancellation policy: 72 hours notice (email, Facebook, text or verbal i.e. person to person), formal acknowledgement will be sent to confirm any cancellation. Non-appearance or cancellation in under 72 hours will attract a fee in direct proportion to the session charge. ** May attract an admin charge



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If yes we can offer special corporate packages, intensive courses or block bookings for groups.


Are you a member of any clubs or groups ... for example: EQUESTRIAN - MOTOR SPORT - WATER SPORT
Introduce us to your club or group and we will offer free impartial advice and special discounts, we can create group sessions and block bookings to suit.


We offer special group deals for Young Farmers - get in touch to find out more ...

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